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When to mate?  Test at home for ovulation and get results in less than a minute !


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Rupert Bear and Orchid's litter of puppies

The strips were a great comfort to me as this dam is imported, only cycles every 9 Ė 12 months and I am unfamiliar with her lines and the pattern of her actual cycle.

I used the strips to find the ovulation time as per the instructions. Papillons are tiny dogs and only secrete a small amount of mucus, and therefore the change on the strips tends to be not as dramatic as your web picture shows. There was never-the-less a clear indication of when the hormone levels peaked.

I mated as your chart prescribes and the result is a litter of 4 beautiful Papillon puppies as per the photos. I have now done three litters with the strips and all the bitches conceived. One bitch is still to whelp in the next day or two.

Kind Regards
Robyn-Jane Chernishov
SaintRose Papillons
Orcid Pups
Abbey and Skipper's pregnancy scan & litter of puppies

I started testing Abbey on day 8 and on day 9 the pad changed colour and continued coloured through day 11.  On day 12, the pad stayed pink, and a progesterone blood test was done as a check against the pads - it came back 4.9 which was perfect for ovulation.  I waited another day and then on day 14, 15, and 16 did natural matings.

Now at 5 weeks, a scan was done and the vet felt confident that she was able to count at least 9 puppies.  The scan picture is of one puppy.  On day 63, Abbey whelped 10 puppies.

So the pads were accurate, easy to use and I will continue to use them in the future to accurately determine my girl's ovulation and mating days.

Sy Guth
Lorgair Golden Retrievers



Dazzle and Darcy's litter of puppies

I have used the Pre-mate Test Pads 3 times now. The first time with a young bitch in her first season that I was not going to mate. I did this so I could see how they worked.

I found Pre-mate Test pads to be a great way of predicting when the bitch is going to ovulate. Using the pads like this means I didnít have to keep taking my bitch to the vet for Progesterone tests. Making a cost savings plus not having to put the bitch through the stress of lots of blood testing was a benefit for me.

 Both times when used on  bitches I was planning to mate, this resulted  in two pregnancies.

 I think these would be ideal for when you had to travel for a mating or a weekend was coming up and progesterone testing was not available.

 I would recommend these to any breeder.

Yvonne Malaquin
Keridale Golden Retrievers


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