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Bundled Packages

Bundled packages save with discounts and on shipping over individually purchased items.

Dr Kruger Canine Supplements

Dr Kruger Canine Supplements providing Pro-biotics, Trace minerals and 4 digestive enzymes

Additional Dog Supplements

Supplements other than the Dr Kruger supplement line.

Puppy Supplement Packages

GNLD NeoLife Human Supplements

GNLD International (Neo-Life) is a line of scientifically developed human supplements that were introduced to the market in 1958 and offer very high quality health supplements

Breeding and Whelping Supplies

Breeding and Whelping supplies for dog breeders. Including Femme Tabs for bitches in season and Dog Breeding Pre-Mate Test Strips for detecting ovulation.

BioFlow Magnotherapy

Magnotherapy is the application of a magnetic field to living tissue. It has been used to help relieve aches and pains for thousands of years and has gained popularity in recent times for three main reasons: - The demand for natural remedies as an alternative to traditional medication and drugs. - The advancement and better understand of magnet technology. - The public awareness created by the huge success of the Bioflow® range. Over 1 million people have used Bioflow® products. Bioflow® is patented and uses a magnetic field which is called Central Reverse Polarity® (CRP). This is unique to Bioflow and trademarked in Europe.

Skin Care Products

GNLD Nutrience scientifically developed Skin Care Products including Swiss developed anti-aging and UV protective formulas

Eco Friendly Cleaners

GNLD line of enviromentally friendly household cleaners


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