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Articles on Nutrition and HD published in NZ Dog World
by Golden Retriever Breeder, Sy Guth

These articles are PDF files - click on the article picture to open.  Once you have saved it to your computer, use the "back arrow" in your browser to return to this page for the second article.  The articles may be reprinted in dog club magazines provided the article includes an acknowledgement that permission was given for reprint by NZ Dog World Magazine and Sy Guth and no changes are made to the content of the articles.


Part 1

Reducing the Risk of Hip and
Elbow Dysplasia in Large Breed Dogs
NZ Dog World in Dec 2008 / Jan 2009

Part 2

How Dogs Digest Different Foods
NZ Dog World  March 2009

The articles above focus on the protein step down diet for puppies being fed grain based kibble which is what the vast majority of worldwide dog owners feed their dogs.  For those looking for raw or grain-free kibble diets, you might wish to read the more recent article published in April 2011 - Vitamin C and HD - Revisited, available below.


Choosing a Diet for Your Dog
NZ Dog World  October 2009


Hip Dysplasia Stats -
What are They Really Telling Us?
NZ Dog World  Dec 2009 / Jan 2010

What Affect Are GM Foods
Having on the Health of Our Dogs?
NZ Dog World  October 2010

The PDF file is nearly 1 meg so may take awhile to load

Adding Supplements for Optimum Health
Cellular Nutrition - Orthomolecular Medicine
NZ Dog World  Dec 2010 / Jan 2011

The PDF file is 1/2 a meg so may take a while to load

Part 3

Vitamin C and HD - Revisited
February 2011
The PDF file is 1/2 a meg so may take a while to load

Defect Genes and Inbreeding
When an outcross breeding
isn't an outcross breeding

June 2011
The PDF file is 1/2 a meg so may take a while to load

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Lorgair Kennel results using GNLD Threshold Vitamin C to reduce HD

See the results!