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Supplements & Other Health Aides
Dr Kruger Healthy Joint Formula (AKA Healthy Joints) 
Dr Kruger Puppy & Pregnancy Formula
Dr Kruger Healthy Skin & Coat Formula (AKA Healthy Skin) 
Additional Dog Supplements (Vitamin E, Selenium-K, etc.)
Neo-Life Vitamin C - Information specific to dogs
     Neo-Life Threshold Vitamin C (6 hour slow release formula, AKA Sustained) 
    Neo-Life Neo-C (chewable formula AKA All-C)
Flowers of Sulphur
BioFlow Magnotherapy Dog & Cat Collars and Horse Brushing Boots
Thornit Ear Powder - link to original website in UK.  Lapdog is not allowed to sell
this 100+ year old ear cleaning formula.  We applied to MAF to sell the
product twice - the first time they didn't like the word canker on the label and the
second time they said they didn't think NZers were smart enough to follow the
simple directions for use.  They admitted that the powder did not penetrate the skin.
However, vets and breeders in the UK have been swearing by this product for over 100 years.
Nothing cleans dog's ears as fast and safe as Thornit.  Most cleaners won't touch the brown
yuk in dog's ears, but Thornits does !! and fast too !!  You can order Thornits direct from the UK --   We offer this link because we hear from dog owners
all the time about having spent hundreds of dollars with their vets that can't cure the
brown yuk in the dog's ears.  Thornit will clean it and you only need a small pinch of
the powder per application.  A small bottle will last a long time.
Breeding and Whelping Aids other than formulas
Dog Breeding Pre-Mate Test Pads
Fertile-Focus Personal Ovulation Microscope
Puppy ID Collars
Flowers of Sulphur
Feeding Syringe 60cc
How To Make A Puppy - eBook
Training Your Dog - DVD
Lavender Oil (calming and first aid antiseptic from the Akaroa Lavender Farms)

Human Related Products / Pages:

Specific to Women's Health
Wellsprings Cream (natural & safe alternative to HRT medicine)
Fertile-Focus Personal Ovulation Microscope (detects fertile days)
Neo-Life Feminine Herbal tablets (supports women's specific biological needs)
Neo-Life Multi-Min (multiple minerals for support of bones, etc.)
Nutrience Renewing Antioxidant Treatment (anti-aging cream with UV protection)
Neo-Life Products  (clicking on "detail" will go to further information on product)
Neo-Life Supplements
Neo-Life Skin Products
Neo-Life Vitamin C Information More Ingredient Information
Neo-Life Distributor Program (run your own business from home) / Sign Up Online
BioFlow Magnotherapy Products
BioFlow Magnotherapy Products

Reference Library Articles
Title Author Subject
Why Use Neo-Life Natural Vitamin C for Dogs and Puppies? Sy Guth Hip Dysplasia
Vitamin C and HD - Revisited Sy Guth Hip Dysplasia
Reducing the Risk of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia in Large Breed Dogs Sy Guth Hip Dysplasia
How Dogs Digest Different Foods
Sy Guth Dog Digestion
Hip Dysplasia Stats - What are They Really Telling Us? Sy Guth Hip Dysplasia
Lorgair Grain-Free Puppy Diet
For use with non-grain based kibble diets
Sy Guth Puppy Diet
Lorgair Puppy Protein Step-Down Diet 
For use with normal grain based kibble diets
Sy Guth Puppy Diet
   Choosing a Diet for Your Dog Sy Guth Dog Diets
What Affect Are GM Foods Having on the Health of Our Dogs?
Sy Guth Dog Nutrition
Cellular Nutrition - Orthomolecular Medicine Sy Guth Dog Nutrition
     How To Make A Puppy !  A Practical Guide for Dog Breeders with 100+ Illustrations
Written for the novice dog breeder to help them establish a methodology for their dog breeding programme
Sy Guth Dog Breeding
Dr Kruger Story Pet Health Institute Dog Supplements
Toxic Gut Syndrome: The Silent Killer Dr Charles Kruger, DMV Toxic Gut Syndrome
Dr Kruger Supplements
Nutrition - Is It A Factor In Bloat &Torsion? Linda Arndt Bloat
Vitamin C and Hip Dysplasia Sylvia Hammarstrom Hip Dysplasia
Joint Dysplasia Dr Wendell Belfield Hip Dysplasia
Arthritis Dr Wendell Belfield Arthritis
Canine Hip Dysplasia Dr Wendell Belfield Hip Dysplasia
A Prescription for Disease:  Commercial Pet Foods' Deadly Ingredients Julie Cantowine & Dr. Gaia Mather Commercial Dog Foods
The Science of Vaccine Damage Catherine O'Driscoll Vaccinations
Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs Laura J. Sanborn, M.S. Early Spay Neuter

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