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The ONLY products shipped outside NZ are the
 Pre-Mate Test Pads and the Fertile Focus kit !!!

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Dog Breeding Pre-Mate Testing Kits


Dog Breeding Pre-Mate Test Pads

Easy, cost effective home test.

Results in a minute - no urine sample, no chemicals to add


Fertile-Focus Kit

Re-usable microscope kit for testing fertile days



Canine Breeding &
Whelping Supplies


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Dr Kruger Healthy Joint formula

Ingredients list & feeding instructions


Dr Kruger Puppy & Pregnancy

Ingredients list & Feeding Instructions


Dr Kruger High Performance

Ingredients list & Feeding Instructions


Dr Kruger Healthy Skin & Coat

Ingredients list & Feeding Instructions




Neo-Life (NeoLife) Vitamin C
The only known molecularly natural Vitamin C on the market & no added calcium

Great for dogs with Joint issues


with new labeling

Chewable C = All C Chewable

Threshold = Super Vitamin C



Neo-Life Products

nutritional supplements,
lotions, and cleaners


Become a Neo-Life Distributor
learn more or sign-up now

Save up to 25% on Neo-Life products and/ or sell them to your friends

Dr Kruger Videos

For easy access check out the site map  Or click on the quick menu item "Market Stall Product Index" or browse through the menu list to the left.   There is a lot on offer on the website, so be sure to book mark it and come back again when you have time or need for information.

All Dr Kruger and Neo-Life products are GM FREE.
There are NO genetically modified ingredients in any of these products.

prices shown are exclusive of GST and S/H unless otherwise noted
these are added at the end of the shopping trip.

New Zealand orders only
Except for the Dog Breeding Pre-Mate Test Pads & Fertile Focus
that can be purchased by persons overseas

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Lorgair Kennel results using GNLD Threshold Vitamin C to reduce HD

See the results!