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It all started with Dr Kruger formulas

Lapdog Limited started business in 2005 as the exclusive NZ distributor for Dr Kruger Ultimate Supplements imported from the USA.  Dr Kruger, a veterinarian in Washington State, is also known as a well-respected AKC show judge and breeder of Welsh Corgis and German Shepherds.  It was his love for the dogs in the show ring that led him to formulate the Dr Kruger Ultimate Supplements over 20 years ago. The formula has benefits in improving coat, energy level, and the way it works inside the dog.  In time, Dr Kruger added specific formulas all based on his “Original” formula.  Due to the expense of shipping products from the US, only the three most popular are carried by Lapdog Limited – Healthy Skin & Coat, Healthy Joint, and Puppy / Pregnancy.  There are no other products on the market that compare to the completeness of the Dr Kruger products.

All formulas contain TRACE MINERALS and PRO-BIOTICS that are necessary for intestinal health, support of the immune system and control of pathogenic bacteria that keeps the intestinal wall clean which enhances the absorption of nutrients.  There are FOUR DIGESTIVE ENZYMES that greatly improve digestibility of dog food and allow the dog to eat up to 20% less.  All this increases energy, improves coat and the general health of your dog.

Also perfect for commercial dog food diets to help your dog better digest the biscuits and get more nutrients from the food.

Next came the Neo-Life product line …..

In 2006, further research on hip dysplasia led Lapdog to expand its product line to include Neo-Life products.  Neo-Life, has been around since the 1958.  Their products are scientifically developed and are a non-synthetic form of Vitamin C that is molecularly natural.  The reason this became important to Lapdog is because only the natural forms of Vitamin C can make collagen in the body and collagen became important to Lapdog because it holds the bones and joints together.  No convincing research has been done since the 1970’s to determine if dogs are still making adequate levels of vitamin C naturally since the introduction of commercial dry biscuits in the 1950’s.  There is research to prove that the dog’s ability to make collagen can be affected by vaccines, anti-biotics and steroids.  So for those wishing to give their dogs a natural form of Vitamin C, Lapdog has two forms- Threshold (slow release form that needs to be taken without chewing the tablet), and the Chewable Vitamin C (Neo-C). Neo-Life’s range of products has the same high standard and focus on health that the Dr Kruger product.