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Product order & shipment process

Products are shipped via New Zealand Courier Post, except for small quantity orders of Pre-Mate pads which ship via Fast Post.  If you live on a rural route, this service can take an extra 1 – 5 days depending on the speed of your rural carrier.   Products are shipped after payment is received.

Shipping costs.  For 3 years, Lapdog endeavoured to absorb the shipping costs on three NZ Post shipping increases.  However, this last increase in September 2013 has resulted in NZ Post increasing the shipping costs by 25% to urban customers and 35% to rural customers.  As a result, we have gone back to charging shipping separately and it is added to the sale cost at the end of the shopping cart process the same as the GST is added on at the end.  Courier Post is the only truly tracked method for NZ Post.  The old plastic bags that said “tracked” on them were only tracked in that the tracking number was entered at the Post Shop, but if the parcel was lost, it could not be traced further than the check-in counter and our experience was that NZ Post NEVER paid on lost claims.  Given that we are a small company, it is not cost effective for us to have NZ Post lose our parcels which they did on a routine basis.  When we changed to using Courier Post, we have been able to track every parcel that has gone astray and had it delivered to our customers in a timely manner.  It is a more expensive but has led to greater customer satisfaction in the timely receipt of customer orders.

PayMate notifies us when your credit card has been approved.  This normally takes 1 – 2 days.

Internet banking normally happens after midnight on the day you make the payment.

Cheques arrive via NZ Post at their discretion.

Best to plan a week in advance for ordering product to ensure you don’t run short ….